Team Critix terms and Conditions


Gamers cannot leave the company until the company declares so.

You will have to be connected with the team on a daily and regular basis.

All gamers must participate equally.

You will always have to follow or comply with the rules set about by the team leader and also help the team leader.

Do not be hyper or over excited (Take it easy!!)

No excuses will be tolerated by the authorities.

All meetings and discussions must be attended by all members of the Team Critix; otherwise no meetings or discussions will take place.

If the meetings are not conducted on time, the team members will be liable.

No decision will be forced upon the gamers’ by others who are not part of the authority.

Any loses any competition cannot be blamed on one team member. The whole team must take the blame.

All team members should treat each other with respect and will be given help when needed.

All team members must attend any events or activities held by the company (Team Critix/TechKnow Heaven). Team members will be expected to work as volunteers for the company events and activities.

Any other gaming related activities outside Team Critix cannot be kept secret. It will not be tolerated (as you will sign an agreement with the company).

Any team plans, discussions and decisions cannot be shared outside Team Critix. If any team member fails to do so, he will be given punishment decided by the authorities and team members.

All team members should be registered and attached with the profiles made under the TechKnow Heaven banner.